Monday, August 21, 2017

RF, Microwave & Millimeter Wave

Soquelec Telecommunications is the exclusive Canadian representative for internationally renowned RF, Microwave, Millimeter Wave and Fiber Optic components manufacturers. Since 1974 SOQUELEC TELECOMMUNICATIONS has been supplying the Canadian Telecom Industry with leading edge technology products at very competitive prices.


  • Amplifiers
    ASB, Transcom Inc, ELVA-1
  • Antennas
    MTI Wireless Edge, ELVA-1, RFMORECOM
  • Cable Assemblies & Connectors
    SRC Cables, Gigalane
  • Capacitors & Inductors
    TRANSCOM, Passive Plus
  • Coaxial, Waveguide & Ferrite Devices
    Southern Microwave, ELVA-1, RFM Wireless, SMC
  • Crystals, Oscillators, VCO's & Frequency Synthesizer
    ASB, Tech Time, SGC
  • Filters & Switches
    RFMORECOM, SGC Technologies, Reactel, ELVA-1
  • Product For Wireless Coverage
    RFM Wireless, ELVA-1
  • Mixers & Converters
    ELVA-1, SGC Technologies, RFM Wireless
  • Small Signal (Low Power) & MMIC
    ASB, Transcom Inc.

Please consult The Telecom Linecard on the left for more information on the lines that we represent.