Monday, August 21, 2017

RF Morecom : Resonators, Ceramic & Cavity Filters and Duplexers, GPS Antennas & Paches
RF Morecom produces a wide range of RF & Microwave components, and GPS Ant. Passive Components : Dielectric Resonators, Ceramic filters & Duplexers (Monoblock & Discrete types), Cavity filters and Duplexers, GPS : GPS Antennas & Combiner antennas (GPS, GSM & DCS).
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Note : the Products are not limited to what listed on the web site or brochures, please contact us if you need other models or if you have questions regarding other products.

Download :


Military Solutions.pdf

GPS Solutions (Patch, Active & Dual) :

GPS Active Part No : RFM3300.pdf

GPS Active Part No : RFM3200 (1).pdf

GPS Patch Part No : RFM1575SA (1).pdf

GPS Patch Part No : RFM1575RA (1).pdf

GPS Patch Part No : RFM1575QA (1).pdf

GPS Patch Part No : RFM1575PA (1).pdf

GPS Patch Part No : RFM1575IA-S (1).pdf

GPS Dual Part No : GPSGSM-050721 (1).pdf

GPS Active Part No : RFM4000.pdf