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Discover the Gatan Precision Etching & Coating System (PECS II)

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The new PECS II system is the answer to challenges in SEM specimen preparation such as:


  • Debris and contamination from mechanical or electrochemical polishing

  • Large surface areas

  • Need for clean and uniform coating after polish, without breaking vacuum

  • Minimize preferential etching due to sample chemistry or hardness differences


The new PECS II features:


  • Low energy (range: 0.1 to 8.0 keV) ion polishing leaves neither debris nor contamination (minimal Ar ion implantation)

  • Large surface areas, up to 4 mm (yes, 4,000 µm!) radius

  • Polish and coat with a single pump down

  • No mechanical deformation, no chemical reactions, minimum preferential etching thanks to low glancing angle (±10°)

  • Options for liquid nitrogen cooling and digital zoom camera


The new PECS II is ideal for applications where a smooth, clean, uniform surface is essential:


  • EBSD mapping

  • Cathodoluminescence experiments

  • Minimize topography contrast on cross sections

  • Materials sensitive to oxygen or humidity


Ready to go from here…

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Please contact us if you wish to send a sample and try the new features and possibilities offered by the PECS II

New and exciting experiments are now possible thanks to the high quality of surface finish provided by this tool!